EUM Platform 6.15.1350.1

Version: 6.15.1350.1

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EUM Admin

  • Custom Group Add form for adding a Data Room team
  • Custom Group Add form for Data Room folder
  • Specify page templates to use for Group Join and Group Member pages
  • Support for custom choice fields in User Details page
  • Specify optional email delay for email templates


  • Configuration endpoint requires authentication

EUM Portal

  • Updated versions for JQuery and JQuery validation
  • Data Room UI updates
    • Requested Documents area with notes field displayed
    • Separate Upload Documents area displaying the files available

EUM Publisher

  • Publisher substitutions change prefix to handle escaping for characters:
    • JS for JavaScript usage
    • C# for C# usage
    • HTMLEncoded for HTML content that gets rendered on a page
    • HTMLRaw do not escape as content is written as needed
    • No prefix (prior implementations) is similar to HTMLRaw where no escaping is done

PowerBI Data Harvester

  • Updated to use the fields defined in the User and Group Attributes mapping lists