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Managing guests in Microsoft 365 can be difficult for LMS365 administrators without an IT background. The user interface of the Azure Active Directory portal can be confusing and IT may be hesitant to give additional role assignments to LMS365 administrators, preventing them from creating and enrolling users in courses. These barriers can limit access to LMS365 licenses for external groups and prevent administrators from fully utilizing the solution, especially when relying on an already busy IT department.

One of our solutions, EUM Admin, has proven to be a valuable tool that Learning Admins use to manage external users and provide access to their LMS365 training content. EUM Admin is a user-friendly interface that sits on top of Azure AD B2B. By leveraging B2B, the login and authentication process is simplified – the user can use their preferred login method, hence there is no need to create, or remember a new set of local credentials.

What do EUM Groups Represent?

EUM Admin utilizes the concepts of Groups to provide access to content in LMS365. Each EUM Group can represent access to an entire course catalogue, training plan, or individual course. Associating an EUM Group to content in LMS365 is a simple process, involving a straightforward mapping with a SharePoint Site Collection, which is the content that the EUM Group will be providing external users access to in LMS365. The only action that needs to be done on the LMS side is to ensure that external sharing is enabled for the site collection where the course/training plan/catalogue is hosted.

EUM Group LMS365 Training Plan

When a user is added to an EUM Group, a Logic App workflow runs that automatically adds the learner to the associated content in LMS365. The user will receive an LMS-generated enrolment confirmation, or a custom EUM welcome email, depending on the preference of the admin in EUM. The user will be redirected to login through a custom-branded portal, authenticate via One-Time Passcode or SSO (depending on whether they are using a Microsoft account), and will then be quickly redirected to the assigned content in LMS365. It is a seamless and secure user experience from start to finish.

How Learning Admins Benefit from EUM Admin

LMS Learning Admins can be provided with Membership Manager privileges in EUM Admin, meaning that they can add/edit/remove external learners in their Azure AD tenant, without being given any role assignments in Azure AD. Now, admins can directly manage learners’ access within LMS365, without needing IT involvement to configure access or manage a new set of credentials. This method maintains secure practices by ensuring that only the appropriate IT resources can access the Azure AD interface.

Additionally, these Membership Manager privileges can be delegated to both internal and external learning admins, meaning the administrative workload can be distributed amongst individuals who own the relationship with the learners.