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Extranet User Manager makes it simple for organizations to manage their learning through Microsoft 365. With EUM, we integrate the way that your users work with how they learn. By integrating seamlessly with Microsoft 365, our solution provides a user-friendly and familiar interface that empowers both learners and learning administrators. EUM streamlines external learner onboarding and management, supporting a wide range of onboarding scenarios to align with organizations' specific requirements. Our Admin tool makes it easy for LMS admins to onboard external users and manage their access to your learning resources in Microsoft 365 – without needing additional role assignments in Azure AD. This reduces the administrative burden on IT, while ensuring that only authorized individuals can access the Azure Portal.

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How EUM and LMS365 Work Together

April 28, 2023 Article

Since 2021, the EUM and LMS365 development teams have worked closely together to come up with a tightly integrated set of features to achieve simple access to LMS365 for external users. One of our solutions, EUM Admin, has proven to be a valuable tool that Learning Admins use to manage external users and provide access to their LMS365 training content. EUM Admin is a user-friendly interface that sits on top of Azure AD B2B. By leveraging B2B, the login and authentication process is simplified – the user can use their preferred login method, hence there is no need to create, or remember, a new set of local credentials.

Learn Like You: Securely Manage a Custom Learning Portal for your External Users in Microsoft 365 and Azure

June 6, 2023 Webinar

A learning platform is your key to highly engaged, effectively trained employees and a collaborative working space for the modern company. LMS365 is a cloud-based platform built into Microsoft 365 to enable organizations to manage learning and development. LMS365 and Extranet User Manager share a common vision: helping clients to increase adoption and get full benefit of their Microsoft 365 investment. Our two companies have worked together to support global customers for several years. The development teams recently completed a new generation of integrations between the two solutions that advance the benefits clients receive from the Microsoft 365 investment.

National Health Service

Case Study

"Together with LMS365 and Extranet User Manager (EUM), we have developed an online Learning Management System (LMS) utilising Microsoft 365 that can be easily accessed across the region and automatically configured according to an individual’s training requirements. This was a highly complex piece of work, and we are delighted to be in a position where we are now able to provide health and care professionals with quick and convenient access to online learning to help harness the benefits of Microsoft 365." - Julie Mealey, Project Manager with NHS Informatics Merseyside

Warrior Centric Health

Case Study

"Warrior Centric Health is a small team who wear many hats and has limited technical resources. We needed a solution that would streamline our learners' access to LMS365 and EUM provided the answer we were looking for. Our users love the easy course access. After we added the EUM to our commercial space we needed to implement LMS365 in a GCC High environment. The EUM team tackled our needs head on and worked diligently with us to adapt the EUM to a government platform. As the person who needed to implement the EUM in both spaces I remain impressed by both the product and the EUM team." - Lisa Reynoldson, Director of Client Engagement with Warrior Centric Health

Extending eLearning to an External Audience

October 20, 2022 Webinar

Discover how Extranet User Manager and Essential Computing can help you create a secure portal for partner training and resources, featuring a case study from Mersey Care NHS Foundation. Learn how to streamline registration, achieve tight security control, and provide controlled access to training content.

Create a Custom Learning Portal for Your External Users

January 25, 2022 Webinar

In this webinar we were joined by Aston Reyes of LMS365 to discuss how we've tightly integrated their LMS solution into our Extranet Platform providing a seamless onboarding experience and instant access to course catalogues, training plans, and courses.