User Manager

  • Provides a structured sharing experience that simplifies external user onboarding and collaboration
  • Allows IT to set up a granular permission structure which enables business stakeholders to manage their own external users
  • Supports Microsoft 365, Websites, Custom and SaaS Apps, and On-Premises SharePoint
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  • Publishes content from SharePoint Online to any other anonymous or private website
  • Enables organizations to share content with external users in a streamlined manner
  • Provides a fully customizable content consumption experience
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  • The simple and scalable way to share documents within Microsoft 365
  • Supports document upload, edit, delete, and download, and you can view full metadata
  • A much simpler experience for external users and fully branded for your organization
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Data Portal

  • Publish interactive reports on demand to your users
  • No need to manage licenses with Power BI Embedded
  • By turning on the service when a report is accessed it keeps your Power BI costs low
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