Boards and Committees

Extranet User Manager makes it simple for organizations to extend their Microsoft investment to managing board and committee portals. EUM has configured a solution optimized for professional colleges, associations, governing bodies and many other organizations to provide a seamless on-boarding experience and package distribution to members based on their Microsoft licenses. IT is involved at the beginning, ensuring a seamless integration, while the portal administrator can focus on what really matters: managing efficient engagement with their boards and committees.

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Simplify your Board and Committee Management with Microsoft 365

August 21, 2023 Article

EUM has developed a solution that simplifies board and committee management while simultaneously increasing your ROI from Microsoft 365. Enjoy seamless onboarding, user-friendly portals, and customized engagement packages. From frictionless permissions to intuitive document sharing, EUM streamlines meetings, collaboration, and workspace provisioning, ensuring your digital community thrives.

Why is External Sharing Important?

March 31, 2020 Article

This article dives into the significance of external sharing in Microsoft's platform, providing insights on options, considerations, and planning for secure and efficient sharing with external users.

Board and Committee Management with MBNCanada

January 17, 2023 Webinar

Learn how a comprehensive Microsoft 365 board/committee solution, leveraging Teams and SharePoint Online, streamlines board management processes. From package creation to meeting details, discover seamless on-boarding, efficient distribution, and easy access to past meeting documents.

Building a Portal for Secure Data Collection and Reporting Across Municipalities

January 31, 2023 Webinar

Discover the secure implementation of external sharing at scale using Microsoft 365 and Azure in the Municipal Benchmarking Network Canada (MBNCanada) webinar. Learn about optimizing Azure AD security controls, Power BI Embedded, zero-trust security design, and leveraging Azure AD B2B for collaboration across organizations.

Effective Board and Committee Management with Microsoft 365

May 3, 2022 Webinar

Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Online are a great way to build a portal for boards and committees. And for scenarios where members are external, products such as our Portal and User Manager can provide a seamless onboarding experience.

MBNCanada Data Warehouse Redevelopment

Case Study

MBNCanada is a leader in performance measurement that supports excellence in municipal service delivery. The redeveloped Data Warehouse solution provides a single portal and sign-on for communications, panel planning, collection of measures data, reporting and visualizations.

"Feedback for our municipal users has been positive on the look and feel, ease of use, and accessibility. It has definitely been a major improvement over the old system. In terms of barriers and challenges, we're very happy that we've met the project objectives. We continue to look at further enhancements and growth of the system." - Meighan Finlay, Executive Director, MBNCanada