Share and retrieve documents within Microsoft 365

Extranet Documents is intended for scenarios where you need to collect or share documents with a broad external user audience. It relies on SharePoint Online from a document storage perspective, which means everything that SharePoint is excellent at such as version history and tagging of documents stays intact.

Product Features

Document Upload

Users can drag and drop to upload documents and the entire interface is very simple and configurable to provide the minimum required metadata, and when needed Logic App integrations can be used to enforce document naming and location conventions

Document Edit and Delete

The ability to edit or delete can be defined on a document by document basis through the metadata

Document Download

Users can select one or more documents for download - single documents are immediately downloaded while multiple documents are compressed into a zip folder and then downloaded together

Document Set Wizard

Can display any of the document metadata, have actionable hyperlinks, forms, and approval workflows through Power Automate or Logic Apps

Product Benefits


Fully customized document sharing experience tailored to your organizations brand


External users do not have to navigate the complexities of SharePoint


Expandable for all types of external document sharing and collection use cases

Master Version

Leverages SharePoint as the 'Single Version of the Truth'

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