Client/Partner/Vendor Portals

Extranet User Manager makes it simple for organizations to manage their client, partner or vendor portals using Microsoft 365. EUM provides a simple way for clients, partners or vendors to log in with their own credentials, access what they need and scale up when there are hundreds or thousands of external users for sharing and collaborating. Additionally, EUM allows organizations to maximize their Microsoft investment with M365-based portals that can be integrated into their line of business processes to increase productivity. IT is involved at the beginning, ensuring a seamless integration, while the portal administrator can focus on what really matters: managing intuitive, secure engagement with their partners or stakeholders.

Supplier Portal

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Unlock Collaborative Success with a Powerful Microsoft 365 Partner Portal

August 2, 2022 Article

Are you a partner-focused organization? If so, collaborating effectively in Microsoft 365 can be complicated with external parties. Unlock the true potential of your professional partnerships with our cutting-edge Partner Portal built on Microsoft 365!

Configuring Azure AD B2B for External Users

June 23, 2022 Article

Customizing your Azure B2B tenant for external collaboration can be a daunting task. We've put all the important links in one convenient location to simplify your configuration process.

Configuring Identity Providers in Azure B2B

June 16, 2022 Article

Azure B2B's External Identities allows you to manage guest users in your tenant. By configuring identity providers such as Facebook, One-Time Passcode, or Google, you can ensure seamless and secure sharing with users outside your organization.

Engaging with External Users at Scale with Microsoft 365 and Branded Portals

November 2, 2021 Webinar

Microsoft 365 has great features for unstructured sharing of documents, but how do you scale that up when there are hundreds or thousands of external users that you want to share or collaborate with? This webinar focuses on those scenarios.

Compliance and Document Collection with External Parties

April 8, 2021 Webinar

If you've ever used the Request Files feature in OneDrive, you've likely realized how fantastic it is for document collection from different external parties. Check out this webinar to learn more.

Majedie Asset Management

Case Study

Majedie Asset Management was founded in 2002 and is an independent, employee-owned investment firm. Majedie invests in shares of publicly quoted companies all over the world, across a range of UK, US and Global equity strategies. This is their core focus and this specialism is a key strength.

"With TMG reaching end of mainstream support, we turned to Extranet User Manager (EUM) to manage and administer our client users. We had some very specific requirements that went beyond the core product, and the EUM Team was able to build those important functionalities and package them as part of a product release." - Tim Crunden, IT Director, Majedie Asset Management

Ipeco Holdings Limited

Case Study

Ipeco Holdings Limited was founded in 1960 and is a world leader in aircraft crew seating with a growing presence in executive jet passenger seating and aircraft galley inserts. Ipeco is a global company operating on several continents and continually strives to offer its customers total flexibility, integrity, reliability and satisfaction.

"EUM has provided Ipeco with an effective solution to enable our customers to self-register for access to the Ipeco SharePoint portal where they can access documents. The registration process for our customers is clear and concise, and the administration side is simple and user-friendly. The communication from EUM has been exceptional through this process, and their knowledge has allowed Ipeco to successfully implement this solution, despite many technical challenges." - Diane Burns, IT Support Analyst