Self Registration

How EUM Supports Self-Registration in LMS365

The EUM Portal can be used in parallel with LMS365 to support more complex scenarios where an organization requires external users to be able to self-discover and/or pay to access content in the LMS365. EUM Portal is a fully customizable, branded portal that supports a wide range of registration scenarios and use cases for user registration. Features include but are not limited to:

  • Custom approval workflows
  • Manual approvals
  • Custom fields with mapping to corresponding custom fields in Azure AD
  • Integrations with CRM, SAP, and many other third-party systems
  • Payment via Stripe eCommerce integrations
  • SMS-based authentication

By leveraging EUM Portal, external learners can access content in LMS365 in a frictionless and secure manner. Once a learner fills in the required fields in the registration form, they will go down one of the following pathways:

  • If they already exist as a learner in the organization’s tenant/LMS365 instance
    • They will be redirected directly to the EUM Portal and will see what EUM Groups/LMS365 content they have access to
  • If approvals are required
    • The user will receive a notification that their registration request is under review
    • Once the Learning Admin (Membership Manager) approves the request, the user will receive LMS365 enrolment confirmation or an EUM-generated welcome email
    • They will then be prompted to authenticate their email address via a One-Time Passcode or Single Sign On and will automatically be redirected to the EUM Portal to see what Groups/LMS365 content they have access to
  • If approvals are not required
    • The user will automatically be redirected to the EUM Portal, where they will instantly be able to access the groups that they have registered for

All fields captured in the registration process are mapped back to the user details in EUM Admin and the underlying Azure AD. Since all of these users are tracked in EUM Admin, Learning Admins can easily monitor all the external users accessing their systems/LMS365 on a granular level.