EUM Platform 6.0.8063.1

Version: 6.0.8063.1

User Manager

  • Membership Manager Role - Ability for a member to manage the membership of assigned groups without elevated Azure AD rights
  • Membership Approvals - As a Membership Manager or Group Owner approve users requesting to join a group that requires approvals
  • Member URL - Specify an external URL or have the system auto generate a page that group member can navigate to
  • Logic Apps for custom workflows - Extend logic apps to execute custom workflows when a user is created, updated and added or removed from a group.
  • Updated Configuration Site
    • Updated Schema Version
    • Additional list for storing Group Approvals
    • Configuration list for EUM_Suite 
    • Navigation Page to easily access lists and libraries within the site


  • Group Join - Ability to display list of groups that a user can request to join (Public Groups)
  • User Registration - As part of the login flow, if the user's email is not found in Azure AD, the workflow navigates them to a registration page that is easily customized
  • Integrated Content Editor to update pages within the portal
    • This gear menu is shown for users within a configurable group
  • Anonymous and Group Secured Pages
    • Easily create content pages using the built-in WYSIWYG editor


  • Provisioning of customized pages
  • Automated job that runs every 15 minutes (configurable) to ensure pages are up-to-date on the site
  • Publishes EUM Group pages