EUM Platform 6.0.8185.1

Version: 6.0.8185.1

User Manager

  • User and Group Import
    • Ability to import Users and Groups into User Manager
    • Utilizes SharePoint lists and Logic apps
  • Add Group Selection Page
    • Ability to select what group you would like to create
    • Add links to third-party vendors such as Orchestry and Valo
  • SPFx Webpart
    • Updated to work with the new version of EUM API
    • Provides similar features as EUM V5
    • * Updating of user's email address within webpart is not supported *


  • New Page Form
    • Dynamically display fields for selected Page Template
    • Override option if page already exists
  • Edit Page Form
    • Dynamically display fields and existing metadata for selected Page Template
    • Support rename and move of file if the breadcrumb or slug is updated
  • New Committee Meeting Request Form
    • Dialog to collect required information
    • Submits data to a logic app
    • Creates calendar invite
    • Adds in the Team meeting information if required
  • Performance improvements
    • Groups information is stored in session
    • HTML snippets can be defined in SharePoint list and placed on pages
    • Creation of PublisherJSON file for use on Publisher pages


  • Update snippets on pages if snippet has been modified
  • Delta publishing of pages
  • Page template support for group join and member pages
  • Create member page folders in SharePoint library
  • Apply member folder and pages with parent group permissions


  • Rebuilt Documents using Kendo UI
  • Download documents
  • Update documents
  • Upload documents
  • Delete documents
  • Documents are stored in different site collections

Known Issues

  • Metadata for Events do not fully repopulate the dates, type and people fields on edit.
  • Metadata for Article do not fully repopulate fields on edit.
  • Loading image appears within the page editor when the page contains rollups.
  • When Froala Editor is in Full View in Portal, the Edit Metadata form loads behind the editor.
  • Webspellchecker is executing on rollups which causes redlines to display on page during edit.
  • After approving a user by clicking on the link in an email, the EUM license within the footer displays as invalid.