EUM Platform 6.0.8298.1

Version: 6.0.8298.1

User Manager

  • New EUM Administrator Group
    • Members of this new group are EUM Administrators 
    • Azure AD Administrator (Global, User, Group) permission no longer necessary
  • Support for Query String Parameters with Authentication
    • Deep links with query string parameters requiring authentication are preserved
  • Power BI Paginated Report Support including Row Level Security (RLS)
    • Power BI Datasets
    • SQL DB Data 
  • Azure Monitor
    • Application Insights Application Dashboard
      • EUM Admin
      • EUM Portal
      • Logic Apps Management (Successes, Failures)

EUM Portal

  • Support for Member Rollup Pages with summary info and rollup images for the following:
    • News 
    • Events
    • Articles
    • Publications


  • Content Placeholders
    • Support for Content Placeholders in Layouts and Templates
      • SharePoint updates (Content Placeholder list) reflected when full publish is triggered
  • Support for Static and Dynamic Snippets
    • Static snippets are not wrapped in comments and are not updated by Publisher when Snippets List is updated
    • Dynamic snippets are wrapped in a comment and are updated by Publisher with the Snippet List is updated.
    • List of snippets and their static and dynamic values output by Publisher in the PublisherJSON file.
  • Support for configuration of CMS (Draft mode) and Published (Live site) mode
    • Pages can be created in draft mode and will not be published unless approved
  • Rich HTML Extended Field Type
    • Fields can be edited with the Froala editor in the Page Metadata dialog modal in Publisher