EUM Platform 6.0.8460.2

Version: 6.0.8460.2

EUM Admin

  • Support to Update/Add Email templates
    • Ability to update existing email templates through EUM Admin Interface
    • Ability to add a new email template through EUM Admin Interface

EUM Portal

  • Enhanced User Registration
    • A dialog is presented to the user to explain registration steps as they are happening
    • A progress bar counts down completion of registration
  • Committee Template Branding Enhancements
    • Addition of custom logos
    • Enhanced section for panel presentation, with usage of background colours and borders designating different categories of documents
  • New Meeting Request Enhancement
    • Advanced incremental consent for additional permissions for access to the logged-in user's calendar
    • Meetings are created in the logged-in user's Calendar
    • Integrates with existing Email all members and Copy all Member Emails functionality
  • Support for EUM Admin / Portal Hosted Scenario
    • Advanced client installation for EUM hosted installations
    • All Data hosted in Client tenant
    • App Services and Logic apps hosted for client, realizing cost savings, faster response times for support requests and easier maintenance


  • Improved logging feature
    • System administrators have access to enhanced error logging, making it easier to troubleshoot causes of failure if they occur