Extranet User Manager 2.4.4260.5

Version: 2.4.4260.5

​​​Release​ Details​

  • Hydra Provider that works along with the Microsoft providers to allow multiple stores of users (LDAP, SQL etc.) to appear as one provider to SharePoint 2010
  • Hydra Provider also implements the ProfileProvider interface which allows us to pickup user data such as DisplayName from the underlying provider
  • EZ-Login form allows users to sign on with their email address or their username, from any of the configured domains
  • Concierge page allows Windows authentication users to automatically authenticate and appear to Sharepoint as  FBA claims based users.  This also allows the internal users to connect later through an FBA form, and appear to SharePoint as the same user
  • EIT_ADProvider now generates a unique SAMAccount names from the Email address when creating an account
  • ADFS support - remote login based on Email domain
  • Display Name property from user store is set automatically on login to avoid user profile import issues
  • EIT_ADProvider now supports a connectionUsername and connectionPassword to gain Elevated access to AD - used if the IIS application Pool account is not sufficiently privileged

Bugs Fixed

  • Reset button on user search pages no longer causes an error
  • Site Tree works for all user and groups if configured correctly
  • Group Owners are removed as Group owner when they stop being active
  • Deactivated and Pending Approval users can remain in the groups, and coexist with active users of the same name
  • Status is returned in the Group member search pop up, to distinguish which user is being activated
  • Groups and Users are searched for in the entire domain, to avoid collisions with other managed groups in the same domain
  • Export To Excel now has only one row per user
  • On the edit user page, the groups shown are limited to the current configuration.
  • All Phone numbers can be saved on the registration page
  • SharePoint People picker can assign HydraRoleProvider groups for all managed domains
  • AD Provider password complexity regular expression, change password updated message text, and not complex enough error swapping

Deprecated Features

  • SharePointUserList updating - this feature was used to copy user information to a SharePoint list.  This feature has been removed as it's functionality can be replaced with Business Data Catalog by setting up an External List that connects to the ManageUsers database
  • Web.config AppSetting key "BypassSharepointCode" - no longer needed as the SharePoint User List updating has been removed
  • Database table "SharePointUserList" - this table was only used by the SharePointUserList updating feature and is no longer needed in the ManageUsers database
  • Login2010 form - EZ-Login with Hydra provider is the supported method of logging into SharePoint 2010 with FBA
  • Direct updating of SharePoint lists by EUM is not longer supported. See BCS if this is required