Extranet User Manager 2.5.4346.4

Version: 2.5.4346.4

Release Details

  • Added trial and full license support
  • Refreshed branding CSS and page layouts for the end user pages
  • Planning worksheet and updated install guide
  • New Domain Configuration ConfigDomains.aspx And Editing pages EditDomain.aspx in LandingAdmin
  • New SharePoint Site Configuration ConfigSpSites.aspx and Editing pages EditSite.aspx in LandingAdmin
  • Updated Emails with default graphical headers
  • Access for a specific User as the Configuration editor in the LandingAdmin Web.Config. This allows a specific user to get into LandingAdmin and enter the Domain Table entry - which is used to allow access by Group membership
  • For forgot password email template added the ~updatepasswordlink~ option.  This shows the email address as the link, and only includes the first username from the updatepasswordlist. This is meant as a direct replacement for ~updatepasswordlist~ if you are generally using email addresses as if they were usernames
  • Added ~username~ for building your own querystrings in the forgot password email
  • when Adding a new Group, title says "Add New Group" - rather than Group Details, to avoid confusion with editing an existing group
  • Landing Admin Group Details links to Users in Groups, and better CSS on delete from group
  • Centralized Tracing for EIT_MembershipUserMaintenance
  • All classes have access to SafeTrace_Write and SafeTrace_Warn - Access through trace.axd
  • Better error message if the domain table does not have you domain when creating a group in LandingAdmin

Bug Fixes

  • AD provider now has Regex for password enforcement, fixes to change password page to work with this
  • SQL provider also works without needing to add 1 to the length, as previous
  • Trap a logged exception when accessing Concierge
  • Fix the EIT_MemberShipSync Tool
  • Add AD Group in Landing Admin even if it already exists in AD - extra isUserinRole checking
  • Make sure roles are translated into keys properly
  • Add Colour to the output - green is good, bright green is activity, red is error
  • Fix remaining single quotes issues when processing list of groups
  • Fix Deactivation of users that are no longer in AD - Add IP address and title of program making changes
  • Add support to Role provider for FindUsersinRole and GetUsersInRole
  • Add links to the Products website for www.envisionit.com
  • Make sure the Username exists in the Provider before allowing Change password or My Settings
  • Skip the AdduserstoRole if renaming a role with no users in it
  • Detect roles that exist elsewhere in the domain when renaming. Error indicates where they were found in AD
  • Rename a SQL provider username