Extranet User Manager 2.5.4694.2

Version: 2.5.4694.2

Release Details

Additional Files included:

  • EULA pdf
  • User Guide pdf
  • UninstallEum.cmd 

Install enhancements

  • Values are persisted into the registry - HKLM Software EnvisionIT EUM installation
  • minor spelling changes
  • ADFBA uses the short domain name, and not Extranet, only one domain if Extranet and internal are the same
  • Uninstall enhancements

  • Backup the web.configs before uninstall
  • Remove all nodes added to SharePoint web.config
  • Remove all nodes added to Central Admin web.config
  • ConnectionsStrings AppSettings and Profile provider nodes will not be left empty  
  • Custom nodes such as  DomainProviders EmailProviders DefaultProvider will be fully removed on uninstall
  • After uninstall Central Admin will be usable
  • Authentication Changes in Web Application should all be put back as found (WA, NTLM, basic, default sign in Etc.) 
  • Landing and LandingAdmin Web Applications are removed
  • The HydraProvider site admin for the installation user is removed from the siteusers collection (or allusers if it can't find it in siteusers)

Repair enhancements

  • Pre repair web.config backups
  • LDAP and IIS settings

Product Enhancements

  • Landing admin nav will show in IE10