Extranet User Manager 2.5.4724.2

Version: 2.5.4724.2

​Release Details​

Installer Enhancements

  • SharePoint 2013 support
  • Better repair capabilities
  • SiteID support, to avoid issues with multiple sites on the same port
  • Run repair from the command line or  Installer GUI
  • Better default for the local LDAP connection strings
  • Repair will try and recreate deleted databases, or reinstall changed files in Landing or LandingAdmin
  • UAV and Run As Administrator support
  • Interactively removing the application using the MSI installer

Product Enha​ncements

  • ChangePassword page detects a minPwdAge that restricts changing the user’s password too often
  • Change to the HydraProvider Validate user, so that the Concierge login of internal users does not cause a false bad password attempt on the AD provider

Due to issues with The SecurityToken and  WCF installs, SharePoint 2010 SP1 with the June 2011 CU is now the minimal version of SharePoint that the installer will support .