Extranet User Manager 2.5.4791.1

Version: 2.5.4791.1

Release Details

New Custom Text / Language Support

  • RESX files to override text in the application
  • There is a EUM_Override_Text.EN.resx file in the bin folder of /Landing as well as /LandingAdmin
  • There is .FR .ES and .NL file for the other supported languages (French, Spanish, Dutch)
  • The resx file is preloaded with the items needed to customize the text on the disclaimer page
  • Anyone using the disclaimer page, will want to override the text in the /Landing version, and ensure their customizations are safe during upgrades

Registration Improvements

  • Registration includes a new Email Validator to ensure that users do not register the same email address multiple times
  • The registration page is now also the administrator EditUser page as well
    This ensures consistent rules, and a single update transaction
  • The Registration page includes a SaveSuccess event that can trigger other events on pages that use the register page. This is used to send email on the edituser page for instance
  • Profilechooser and mySettings are no longer used in LandingAdmin

LandingAdmin Updates

  • Updates to LandingAdmin GUI
    • Flat blue grey background
    • Darker Footer bar
    • White input fields similar to Landing
    • HTML5
    • EditRole works with IE10
  • Edit User show Extra Info – now works on the Edit user page
  • Show Debug Info only turns on the name and description of the provider in the user search page
  • User search results are constrained to the page. Tool-tips show the full Name, Username, or Email if it is truncated
  • Landing Admin fix for updating User Status at the same time as changing group membership
  • Load missing provider users as deactivated, so they can be reenabled
  • Excel import of non breaking space is supported in the import users
  • Ensure that the role provider is not asked to save users in deactivated Roles

Installer Updates

  • Installer puts Concierge.aspx In the 15 hive for SharePoint 2013
  • HydraProvider site admin is removed on uninstall, but does not fail
  • Console programs are installed in C:\Program Files\EnvisionIT\EUM\Console
  • Console apps are configured for SharePoint 2010 or SharePoint 2013