Extranet User Manager 2.6.4847.8

Version: 2.6.4847.8

Release Details

Database Updates

The database schema has been updated for this release, and includes the following new tables and fields

  • DBVersion table tracks upgrades to the schema
  • Disclaimer table stores when users read the Disclaimer page
  • Group Owner Rights can now be trimmed to just the users in the owned groups, or no access at all
  • Password token tables for welcome and forgotten password emails keep track of all requests, IP addresses of users setting passwords, and unused tokens for auditing

The installer will automatically upgrade the database

New Functionality 

  • LandingAdmin displays the database version and warns if there is a mismatch
  • Disclaimer page is no longer shown after accepting
  • System Configuration has been reorganized and cleaned up to make it easier to understand
  • Group Owner Rights can be set to the following three options
    • All Users - Same as previous functionality
    • Group Members Only
      • The list of groups is security trimmed to the groups owned
      • The list of users returned by the search only belong to those groups
      • Security checks are In place if the owner tries to edit other users
      • If the owner tries to save a user with no groups, there is a new warning, that must be answered "Yes" to continue (then the owner will not be able to access the user again)
      • Unmanaged groups are not shown to the group owner
    • No Access - Group owners have no access to LandingAdmin
  • Group editor security can be turned off by saving a blank domain
  • When adding new users through LandingAdmin, the default status is Active

Bug Fixes 

  • Welcome and Forgot Password email enable checkboxes reload properly
  • Change password buttons position properly in IE7 or IE10 compatibility mode