Extranet User Manager 2.6.4896.5

Version: 2.6.4896.5

Release Details

Database Updates

  • Database Schema 2.6A is used by this release, updated by the installer
  • Size of the hostheader field in system configuration increased to 255 characters

New Functionality

  • EZ-Login with Hydra provider will set the SPUser Display name in all site collections, within the web application the user is logging into.
  • Host Header support – allows the system configuration to be loaded based on the current URL, instead of by specific key
  • Change the Web.config SystemConfiguration (Landing) or DefaultSystemConfiguration (LandingAdmin) to be "host" instead of the integer key, and add one or more fully qualified host names to the new field in System Configuration
  • Enhanced French support in Landing
    • All pages, all text are now overridable in the RESX
    • Welcome Text on the Landing page is now bilingual, and customizable
  • The EIT AD provider will now set the User Principal name to the extranet user's Email address.
    This will allow for enhanced email based login on UAG and TMG

Registration Project Updates

  • New registration and branding document with instructions for both Visual Studio 2010 and 2012
  • Dropdowns for country and province are in French
  • Recaptcha control switches to French
  • Button text on Registration page defaults to "Register" the first time and then "Save Settings" on subsequent uses
  • Confirmation Page will display in the language that the user registered in
  • Confirmation Page has dynamic text depending on if the PendingApproval email is enabled or not, and if the user is waiting for approval, or was automatically enabled by the customized registration