Extranet User Manager 2.6.4941.1

Version: 2.6.4941.1

Release Details

New Features in​ the AD Providers:

  • We have 2 providers, one for use in SharePoint (EIT_ADProviders) and one for use outside of SharePoint (EIT_ADnoSPProviders)
  • Multi-Threaded support for elevated DirectoryEntries
  • Removed several Memory Leaks in DirectoryEntries and SearchResults
  • Modernized code
  • Interface and exception adherence to Microsoft's guidance
  • Expanded Unit tests and code coverage
  • Deep Group Search – Groups can now be placed in Groups, and the members of the interior groups will be reported as members of the outer groups as well. Claims will be granted for SharePoint for these Groups.

    E.g. if a user is in GROUPA and only GROUPB is given access to the site, and GROUPA is placed inside GROUPB then the user will now be reported as being in both GROUPA and GROUPB, and will get access.
  • Affects the following RoleProvider​ Methods:
                        GetUsersInRole, FindUsersInRole, GetRolesForUser, IsUserInRole
  • Sorted results,  by name for Users or Groups
  • Universal Groups returned in GetAllRoles (sorted by name)
  • The Same Deep Search and Sorting were added to the ADUtilites inside EUM, so the same Group nesting will work for Administrators in LandingAdmin – as well the SP SiteTree on the Landing Page, also uses the Deep Search, to determine accessibility.

New Features for EZ​-Login:

  • IPv6 Link local addresses are now detected, allowing IPv6 intranet users to login automatically via the concierge.

New Features for L​​anding Admin:

  • The new "Deactivate and Delete" page is available for the System Configuration Editors to remove all the User and Groups – typically at the end of a testing phase, before populating the system with real data.
    • All Users (or Groups) are marked Deactivated – which removes them from Active Directory (or the SQL Provider). Then All Deactivated Users (or Groups) are deleted from the EUM Database.
    • All user account information will be lost, and cannot be undone.
To prevent accidental deletion - the buttons are disabled unless the LandingAdmin web.config is modified to include this in appSettings:

<add key="Lock_DeleteButtons" value="false" />

* NOTE – users with previously installed databases, will have stored procs, but without explicit execute permissions on them, they will not work. You can grant the app pool account db_owner access to the database (instead of just db_datareader and db_datawriter) or you can grant it execute permissions on each stored proc individually.

New Features for ​​SharePoint Site Tree:

  • Hyperlinks are fixed to work in Firefox
  • Previously If a Site collection was deleted in Central Admin, it would still show up. Now it is filtered out of the list. (this is for both SharePoint 2010 and 2013 site collections)
  • Anonymous access to the sites is now included in the tree. These are indicated in yellow to differentiate from direct access granted via username or group membership. If you view the tree for a group in landing admin – it will only show the direct group access, not additional anonymous nodes.
  • Web Applications split across multiple databases, will now be scanned and merged as if they were a single database. Each database must be added to the site table, and the SharePoint URL prefixes must be consistent.
  • The Site tree may display more nodes than in previous versions. Verify it's completeness for your users after upgrading.