Extranet User Manager 2.6.5081.2

Version: 2.6.5081.2

Release Details

New Features for SharePoint Site Tree:

  • Libraries can be included in the site tree along with the Sites (Asset libraries, Picture Libraries, Document Libraries etc.)
  • If the Library has a description – it will be shown as a tooltip for the Library node
  • This feature is optionally enabled in Landing Admin – System Configuration, and is disabled by default
  • Libraries can also contain Folders. The Folders will be displayed in the tree under the Library
  • Folder support requires the Docs.SortBehavior field in the content database and is not compatible with older WSS3 databases. Sites will be collected, but not Libraries, if the SortBehavior field cannot be detected
  • Several libraries are filtered out of the list by default, as they are considered system libraries:
    /Forms, /_t, /_w, _catalogs, Style Library, WorkFlow, Lists
  • Filtering is configurable by modifying the Site.LibrarySQL field. This must be done directly in the database, there is no GUI in LandingAdmin to edit it

New Features for Landing Admin:

  • The ImportUsers page can be restricted, to prevent group owners from bulk importing users
    • All (System Administrators including Group Owners)
    • Configuration Editors and Group Editors
    • (Only) Configuration Editors
  • The Menus will be security trimmed to reflect, this setting, and the page itself will not allow access unless you are the indicated type of system admin
  • Admins can verify their access to this feature on the MyPermissions page, by clicking on their username, in the upper right corner
  • System Settings gui changes
    • Include Libraries in Site Tree
    • Who is Allowed to Import Users
  • The Site Tree, for Users, will show libraries (if the Library setting is enabled) and includes a link to the site, with the List identifier, to allow setting of permissions

New Features for Active Directory Providers:

  • Customization of the UserPrincipalName (UPN) is now possible
    The UserPrincipalName is set by the provider when the Active Directory account is created.
    It is not used, or displayed by EUM.

    The Settings are manually configured in the Landing and LandingAdmin web.config files

    (<system.web>    <membership>      <providers>)
  • The Membership Provider declaration can have one of 2 new attributes:
    • UPN="email" – The user's Email address is used as their UPN
      This is the functionality of the previous versions of the provider, and will be set by default by the installer. If you are manually upgrading a web.config, be sure to add this attribute to maintain functionality. This can be useful in a TMG environment, if the user wants to login with their email address
    • UPNSuffix="mydomain.abc" – The suffix, can be set to any arbitrary domain that you like. All new users will get a UPN that is made up of their username (SamAccountname) plus the indicated suffix. This can be useful in an ADFS federated scenario, where all accounts must be from the same domain
    • Leaving both attributes off, reverts to the Microsoft AD provider functionality, which is to ignore the UPN and just leave it blank

Database Changes:

  • This Release uses database Schema 2.6C
  • This is the first database change since release 2 (2.6.4896.5)
  • The installer will automatically upgrade the database, or the SQL script #5 included in the zip can be used to manually upgrade a database
  • The current Schema version, can be verified with the Help | About popup
  • SystemConfiguration  gets two new fields:
    • Boolean ShowLibsinSiteTree
    • foreign key, ImportUserRights_FK
  • ImportUserRights is a new table, for the lookup list
  • Site Table gets the LibrarySQL field