Extranet User Manager 3.0 5366.1

Version: 3.0.5366.1

Release Details

New Fe​​atures

  • Integration with Thinktecture Identity Server
  • Claims aware and sets its own claims
  • Built using Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5
  • ezRealm HRD
    • Chooses Identity Providers automatically based on IP address (IPv4 or IPv6)
    •  E​mail address entered into the Login form, can cause redirection to a different Identity provider
  • Hosted in its own IIS site, no longer within a SharePoint web application
  • Single sign-on to other claims-aware applications
  • Sign out​​​​​ in both Landing and LandingAdmin logs out and returns to the federated logout page. WinAuth users will be redirected to the federation login page
  • Removed ezLogin form and HydraProvider

New Features for SharePoint

  • No modifications to the SharePoint STS web.config
  • Login will be via federation (Trusted Identity Provider), or Windows Auth only
  • Targets SharePoint 2013
  • Supports SharePoint 2010 via Identity Server plug-in

New Features for Land​ing Admin

  • ezRealm HRD configuration
  • _WinAuth is a new We​bApplication that is Claims and Windows Auth together. When you access the single page, you will be redirected to LandingAdmin

 New Features for Sh​​arePoint Site Tree

  • For the logged in user is based on their Claims
  • For Managed users is from the database, so only Managed Roles will be taken, into account, when they login, if they belong to additional Roles, then they may see a different site tree, than the admin saw in LandingAdmin "View Sites"

Databas​​e Changes

  • This release uses Schema 3.0
  • Added the ezRealmEmail and ezRealmIP tables
  • The installer will automatically upgrade the database, or the SQL script #5 included in the zip can be used to manually upgrade a database
  • The current Schema version, can be verified with the Help | About popup