Extranet User Manager 3.0.5382.4

Version: 3.0.5382.4

Release Details

New Features


  • New AD or SQL selection page to select the provider to use to store the external users information
  • Support for creating the ASPNETDB (4.0 version)
  • Support for configuring the SQL providers

    • Landing
    • LandingAdmin
    • IdentityServer
    • Console Apps
    • Internal EUM configuration so IdentityServer accounts and roles can be created during installation
  • Expired license embedded in the MSI can be overridden with an external one

Landing and Landing Admin

  • A disclaimer is configurable to be shown when users view pages within the Landing and Landing Admin applications
    • The disclaimer is now part of the claim for Landing and Landing Admin.
    • The expiry for when a user needs to re-accept the disclaimer is configurable
    • After an EUM upgrade from v2.6 users will need to re-accept the disclaimer
  • Updated error message when a username is already in use within Active Directory