Extranet User Manager 3.1.5500.2

Version: 3.1.5500.2

Release D​etails

New Features

  • Authentication and License assignment to Office 365
  • Configuration of Office 365 connections using the ConfigOffice365 page within LandingAdmin
  • End user pages were updated to have an adaptive user interface and responsive design with the use of Twitter Bootstrap
  • Switched to the Universal Providers for SQL Users from the Microsoft SQL Provider
  • Integrated the Microsoft Graph API to update Users and Groups within Office 365
  • Powershell script to register the domain for federation with Office 365 Office365Register.ps1
  • Add WSFederation selection based on host header in EUM applications
  • Email duplicate validator used in LandingAdmin by default
  • The URL for the Change Password continue button is now editable in Landing Admin

Bug Fixes

  • MVC dlls were upgraded for security patch MS014-059
  • Fixed host header mode, so that system configuration, can be dependent on incoming header
  • Installer no longer looks at the Https certificate hash to validate certificate exists
  • The default URL for the Change Password continue button is now /Landing/
  • The Forgotpass and registration links on the SignIn page pointed to incorrect locations
  • EditUser Send Email now uses the EIT_Email Library
  • If you are calling forgot password with a custom gui, and use an expired or faked token, the exception log will now correctly contain the message
  • UTC in LostPasswordToken and NewAccountToken tables in the manage users database
  • Keep the menu and page at the same language for the user
  • Usersearch Group dropdown should only contain groups from the currently selected systemconfiguration
  • MinPwdAge issue detected with a second error message if SSL is not enabled for DC
  • More than 1500 items can be listed in the Group dropdowns
  • Blank provider settings will not wipe out userdata on load

Version Updates

  • JQuery 1.9.1 is used in Identity Server now (upgraded from 1.8.3)
  • JQuery validate was standardized at 1.13 in Landing/Registration and Identity Server (upgraded from 1.10)
  • Thinktecture Identity Model is now 3.6.1
  • BrockAllen Cookie Tempdata is now 1.3.0
  • Newtonsoft JSON is standardized at 6.0.5 (up from 5.0.6)
  • Using the Universal Providers 2.0 caused an upgrade to entity Framework 6.0 (Identity server upgraded from 1.2)
  • Microsoft.AspNet.Web.Optimization was updated to 1.1.3
  • Upgraded WebGrease to 1.5.2
  • Antlr to 3.4.1

Known Issues

  • For an Office 365 tenant with multiple SharePoint licenses, there is no guarantee which license will be assigned to registered user
  • Authentication issue when trying to edit a document within Office 365 using a rich client (e.g.. desktop version of Word)