Extranet User Manager 3.1.5589.1

Version: 3.1.5589.1

Release Details

New Features

  • New User Status "Imported Pending Approval"
  • Specify user status when importing users
  • Ability to bulk change User Status from search page in landing admin
  • Get Client IP address using X-Forwarded-For request header
  • Automatically redirect to application page if available after signout instead of displaying Thinktecture signout page

Bug Fixes

  • MembershipSync of AD users that are missing from the EUM database are imported if they contain an email address
  • Validate uniqueness of email address when importing users
  • Correctly sets the ProviderSignoutURL when available to properly signout of Trusted Identity Server when signing out of SharePoint

Known Issues

  • Authentication issue when trying to edit a document within Office 365 using a rich client (e.g.. desktop version of Word)