Extranet User Manager 3.2.5905.3

Version: 3.2.5905.3

​Release Details

New Features

  • Force Password Change during login
    • Configurable timeframe to force users to update their password during login.
  • Password Expiry warning notification
    • A configurable timeframe​ to notify users they are required to update their password with notification of when their password will expire. 
    • Ability to skip the password change until the password is expired.
  • Disclaimer page may be displayed during login
    • Failure to accept the disclaimer will not allow user to proceed to authenticated site.
  • Creation of layout page to apply branding to custom pages created in Thinktecture Identity Server site

Known Issues

  • Authentication issue when trying to edit a document within Office 365 using a rich client (e.g.. desktop version of Word)