Extranet User Manager 3.2.6103.3

Version: 3.2.6103.3

​​​​​​Release Details


New Features

  • Support for Azure B2B with Office 365
    • ​​New User Status was added to support Azure B2B users. 
    • ​​Managing Group Membership of Azure B2B users.
    • ​Deleting of Azure B2B users from tenant. 
    • Search for Users with Azure B2B Status. 
    • Managing Group Membership of Azure B2B users.
    • Import Users updated to support Azure B2B users. 
  • ​​Configuration of User Status selection
    • User Status table contains an Active bit column that is used to determine what User Status is displayed on the Edit User page


Console Application

  • EIT_AzureB2BSync console application to aid with provisioning Azure B2B users​



  • Upgraded Database version to 3.2B to accommodate​ for Azure B2B


Bug Fixes 

  • Issue with previous disclaimer page under landing throwing an error after accepting agreement
  • Installer places additional language files required for Thinktecture pages