Extranet User Manager 3.2.6192.1

Version: 3.2.6192.1

​​​​​​​​Release Details

New Features

  • Office 365 and Azure B2B
    • ​​Upgraded to the latest Azure AD Active Directory API to continue support for Office 365.
    • ​​Updated AzureB2B Console Application to utilize the Microsoft.Graph API.
    • Support in LandingAdmin for Microsoft.Graph authentication. 
  • Support for use of apostrophe in email address.
  • Added rules for password complexity and displays these rules on password reset pages.
  • Exporting of Roles uses a stored procedure that allows for custom fields to be returned as part of the Excel.



  • Upgraded Database version to 3.2C
    • Extra Auditing of changes to Users and Roles.
    • RoleExtra table added to support additional customizations of Role properties.
    • GetRolesData stored procedure added.