Extranet User Manager 3.2.6373.4

Version: 3.2.6373.4

​​​​​​​​​Release ​Details

New Features

  • Office 365 and Azure B2B
    • ​​Control over the sending of Azure ​B2B invitations
    • Configuration of Azure B2B invitation email
    • Tracking of Azure B2B invitations
    • Directly calling Azure B2B endpoints after setting status of user to Azure B2B
  • Installer support for Windows Server 2016 and IIS version 10
  • Configuration option to not populate the other mail attribute in Office 365

Bug Fixes

  • Issue with caching Email Redirects on hrd pages
  • Permissions were not being properly set for stored procedures
  • Error when saving copy of emails due to long filenames


  • Upgraded Database version to 3.2D
    • UserRoleExtra table added to support additional customizations of role membership
    • Azure B2B tables added to capture necessary information
    • SystemConfiguration table updated to store Azure B2B invitation e​mail configuration values