Extranet User Manager 4.0.6702.1

Version: 4.0.6702.1

​Release Details​​​​​

New Features

    • ​​REST API endpoints for user, role, and configuration management
    • Supports bearer token authentication
    • Configurable swagger UI
    • Easily build custom workflows/business processes
  • Rebuilt Landing and LandingAdmin
    • ​​Rebuilt to utilize EUM REST API endpoints
    • Built using HTML and JavaScript/JQuery to easily customize pages
    • Integrate registration, password resets, etc. into your own applications
    • Responsive design for both end user and admin pages
  • Multi-Factor Authentication and email verification
    • Multi-Factor Authentication code via text message (Twilio Messaging Service required) or email
    • Build custom rules for when Multi-Factor Authentication is required
    • Requires user to enter a unique code during sign-in
    • Build custom rules to ensure users have access to the email address used when registering via our new email validation
  • Login using alternate identities
    • External users can associate Google or Facebook login with their EUM account to reduce number of passwords they manage
    • Access EUM Admin using Windows Authentication, AD FS, Azure AD, Google, or Facebook
    • Forgot password allows the EUM user to create a new password, or associate their account with Google or Facebook
    • During registration, EUM can be configured to allow users to associate their account with Google or Facebook
  • Built using IdentityServer 4
    • Stronger password hashing algorithms
    • Support for both OpenID Connect protocol and WS-Federation protocol
    • Better out of the box support for multi-server installations
    • Configuration interface within LandingAdmin
    • Improved login history auditing


  • Upgraded​ database version to 4.0C
    • Twilio configuration
    • Email configuration
    • Stored procedures​ to support EUM V4 API and login rules
    • Login history auditing