Extranet User Manager 4.1.6913.1

Version: 4.1.6913.1


Release Details​​​​​

New Features

  • Extranet_API_V4 now accepts “RegisterPrivateRoles” property as part of POST to /USERS (e.g. account creation/registration).  
    • This is an array of GUIDS identifying the private roles that the newly created account should belong to.  This array is security checked and can only have roles that are marked as “AvailableForRegistration”.  It is expected but not enforced that only roles with PubliclyAvailable = false will be passed in this property.  PublicyAvailable = true roles are expected to passed in “RegisterRoles”. 
  • Lookups controller “registrationroles” list now only returns Roles where AvailableForRegistration = true and PubliclyAvailable = true. 
  • LandingAdmin group-details page now shows RoleId (R/O) and PubliclyAvailable (R/W checkbox). 
  • Updated logs using serilog 
    • ​Rolling logs for IdentityServer (new log created daily or max size of 100 MB) 
    • Extranet API also use serilogs with rolling files (on a daily basis) 

Bug Fixes

  • ​​Available for Registration Approver Email is not working 
  • Unable to update Federation Clients settings past the initial creation of the client​