Extranet User Manager 4.1.6925.4

Version: 4.1.6925.4

​Release Details​​​​​

New Features

  • Updated scripts for deploying EUM as an Azure App Service
  • Support for Azure Key Vault and Windows Credentials Manager
    • Secure entries in Azure Application Settings, web.config, app.config, and appsettings.json can be stored in the Azure Key Vault for Azure App Service installs, or Windows Credentials Manager for On Premises installs.
  • Password Expiry
    • EUM can be optionally configured t​​o force a user to update their password during the login process if their password age is greater than the define value. There is also the ability to display a warning period prior to the password expiry to notify the user that their password is about to expire.

Bug Fixes

  • ​​Group Owners have the ability to associate a user to one or more groups during user creation.
    • If restrictions were applied to EUM that only allowed Group Owners to only view users that belong to a group they are an owner of, the UI restricted the Group Owner to associate the new user to a group prior to saving the record. We've updated the UI so Group Owners now have the ability to put a user into their group(s) prior to saving the record.