Extranet User Manager 4.1.7059.3

Version: 4.1.7059.3

​​​​​Release Details​​​​​

New Features​

  • Deprecation of Landing website
    • End User Pages now live under identityserver
      • Registration
      • Set Password
      • Forgot Password
      • My Profile

  • Updates to Login flow
    • Auto detection if account exist after input of email address
    • If account does not exist, user is transferred to the registration page
    • If user associated their account with a social provider, user is automatically redirected to social provider to login
    • Private registration links can be used to associate user to a group
    • MFA info is collected during login, if an administrator enables MFA and user does not have a preference set
    • User is required to complete an email verification as part of registration if they specified their email address, or MFA information is being required

  • Email Templates
    • New email template for users who register and associate their account with a social provider
    • New email template for approvers to notify them that a user requested to join a group
    • New email template for users to be notified when an approver either approves or rejects the request to join a group
    • Additional tokens have been added to email templates to support the new login flow
    • Note: Upgrading to this version will require you to update your email templates to utilize the new pages within identityserver

  • Groups
    • Group Approvals
      • Users can request to join one or more group
      • Approvers are specified by email address on group details page
      • User details page displays pending group requests
      • If a user requests to join a group, the approver for that group is granted access to view that user's details.
      • Publicly available groups can require approvals before user is added to the group
      • Note: Administrators must ensure users in approval email list have appropriate permissions in Landingadmin
    • Can set a display name for Groups
    • Default search status is set to Active
    • Registration private link available on Group details page

Bug Fixes

  • ​Duplicated users can be imported in the Azure B2B status
  • Hot fix: June 26th 2019 - If user incorrectly enters username/password and gets error message, when resubmitting the form with correct​ credentials, they are taken to an error page.

Database Version

  • Database version has been updated to 4.13