Extranet User Manager 4.1.7306.1

Version: 4.1.7306.1

​​​Release Details​​​

New Features

  • Groups in Landing
    • Public Groups
      • When a user is unauthenticated, this will list all groups that are configured as available for registration and a public group.
      • When a user is authenticated, this list will filter out the public groups that the user is already a member of.
  • LandingAdmin UI Updates
    • UI.js added
      • Centralized configuration of datatables, popups, export functionalities.
      • Ability to dismiss operation feedback messages.
  • Instant On Access to SharePoint Online
    • Ability to put a user into a SharePoint Group
      • There is currently an issue with the Microsoft user access that may delay a user actually getting permissions into a site. We've worked with the Microsoft team on this issue and the work around is to place the user directly in a SharePoint Group. This requires additional configuration at the EUM Api to support this scenario.
      • In LandingAdmin, you can specify a SharePoint Group that relates to the EUM Group. When a user is placed into the EUM group, they will automatically be added to the SharePoint Group as well.
  • Group Logo
    • Associate a group logo to an EUM Group
      • Ability to upload a logo for a specific EUM Group.
      • The logo will be returned as part of the EUM Group data as a base64 encoded string.

Database Version​​

  • Database version has been updated to 4.18