Extranet User Manager and Ipeco Holdings Inc.


Ipeco holdings

Ipeco Holdings limited is one of the leading companies in the production of aircraft crew seating, passenger seating and aircraft gallery inserts. Founded in 1960, Ipeco has continually grown to a prominent position in the Aviation industry, and currently operates in almost every continent in the world. This global standing Ipeco achieved is attributed to unrelenting efforts to ensure customer satisfaction with their operational integrity and reliability.

The immediate provision of post-purchase documents was a key part of Ipeco's service to their customers, and Ipeco required a quick turn-around in assuring clients had access to these documents following the confirmation of a purchase. However Ipeco's process of sending a series of post-purchase documents to clients was very manual considering a number of steps had to be taken to accomplish this process, and this definitely created a slight reduction in efficiency. The former process involved transferring these post-purchase documents over to a CD-ROM, and then mailing the documents over to the customer. Whenever certain changes are made to certain products, like maintenance, upgrades or product specifications, it meant that a new post-purchase document would have to be generated again, transferred to a CD-ROM and mailed to the client again. It is pretty clear that this process was highly repetitive and time consuming, which lead Ipeco to seeking a much more streamlined method of ensuring clients access their post-purchase documents in a much less convoluted way.

For a feasible solution, Ipeco worked with Extranet User Manager to create a customizable self-registration, which is an approval process and delegated administration of the external customers. By leveraging EUM's self-registration component Ipeco has enabled their customers to self-register for access to the Ipeco SharePoint portal where they can access documents whenever they chose to. Since both Ipeco as well as their clients had delegated access to the portal, Ipeco could also update documents as required, and the clients always had access to up-to-date post-purchase documents.

If you wish to learn more about the case you can read the full case study here: Extranet User Manager & Ipeco Holdings Limited

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