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The rapid expansion of cloud-based software and services has been the catalyst for many organizations, and entire industries, to reexamine and redesign their external communication and collaboration capabilities. The Pharmaceutical industry is a great example of this cloud and patient-centric shift. Leveraging SharePoint and Office 365, Pharmaceutical companies have the communication and collaboration capabilities necessary to manage projects that include the discovery and development of incredibly complex research and medical technology that can have a direct impact on patient health and well-being.

In most Pharma organizations, the primary focus is on individual patient's wellness, and in finding ways to collaborate and work with patients leveraging the adaptations in technology. This shift does not stop with patients, but extends to collaborations with suppliers -- while still adhering to the ever-changing government regulations that surround the Pharmaceutical industry.

External communication and collaboration is vital to the Pharma industry, who need to work across communities of patients, hospitals and medical professionals, suppliers and vendors, and other industry stakeholders. Organizations needs a private and secure location for communication, collaboration, document and knowledge sharing, and the transfer of sensitive and timely data between organizations. Specifically, they need to ensure:

  • Stakeholders are able to collaborate with outside vendors and partners, including the sharing of data from external servers
  • Teams and managers are able to determine the type and extent of information to be shared within, and outside of, the organization
  • Critical information is readily accessible across their distribution network
  • Timely communication is happening, with the ability to expedite delivery to partners, communities, and customers
  • Managers can control access to authorized customers, partners, vendors, and other key stakeholders outside their organization

Extranet User Manager has worked with a number of leading Pharmaceutical companies to help them streamline business processes and improve both communication and collaboration through extranet solutions. Some of the common concerns that Extranet User Manager helps address include: 

  • External applicants in drug trials need secure access to track their progress within a trial program
  • Secure access to patient portals that are mobile friendly, and provide seamless access to patient specific information
  • Providers have sufficient inventory, reduce communication and collaboration costs, and increase overall operational efficiencies

Extranet User Manager is a cost-effective, standalone business solution that can support authentication, self-registration, and delegated administration, making it an essential tool to leverage all of the capabilities of SharePoint and Office 365 when collaborating with external stakeholders.

For organizations looking to improve their external communication and collaboration capabilities, and develop more patient-centric business processes, be sure to take a look at our in-depth case studies to find out how Extranet User Manger is helping create better experiences in the Pharmaceutical industry on the EUM Pharmaceutical Industry Success site, or test drive our solutions today.

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