Simplifying Secure External Collaboration with Microsoft 365


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In today's online world, external collaboration with people outside your organization is an essential part of business growth and success. However, the challenge lies in safely and securely sharing information with external collaborators. At Extranet Use Manager our user onboarding tool makes external collaboration easy without compromising on security. Our onboarding tool is designed to integrate seamlessly with your Microsoft 365 license to give you back your control over external users with both structured and unstructured sharing.

What is the difference between structured and unstructured external collaboration?

Structured external collaboration involves creating specific user controls to share organized information. When you share information in less organized formats such as files, documents or free-form content this is considered unstructured external collaboration. This method of collaboration often requires you to rethink user controls by implementing more dynamic access management. Having an easy-to-use, user onboarding tool that helps you effectively manage user access in structured and unstructured formats is essential to have seamless and secure collaboration.

Structured External Collaboration: Organized Sharing & Enhanced Control

Structured sharing is all about providing access to specific information with well-defined access controls. With User Manager, you can effortlessly invite users into your Microsoft license for external collaboration. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Delegated Permissions Management: you can easily manage access levels for external users based on the information you want to share with them. You can delegate permissions management to another member of your internal team.
  • Simplified Login: Users can input their information and either log in or self-register without added administrative steps.
  • User-Friendly Onboarding: Extranet User Manager allows users to easily navigate and understand the shared content. Users can manage their profiles and even log in using their mobile devices.

Unstructured Sharing: Empowering Collaboration on Content

Unstructured sharing involves collaborating on content like files, documents, and more. Our user onboarding tool empowers you to give users access to the content you want to share. Here are some of the features of Extranet User Manager for unstructured external collaboration:

  • Access Management: Your administrator can easily restrict or retract user login credentials preventing unwanted external users from accessing your information.
  • Real-time Collaboration: Our user manager allows you to bring users into an environment where they can easily collaborate in real-time using your Microsoft 365 workplace tools.

Interested in learning more about structured and unstructured external collaboration opportunities? Register for our webinar below!

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Mastering Secure External Sharing in Microsoft 365: A Comprehensive Guide for Structured & Unstructured Sharing

September 19, 2023 Webinar

In this dynamic and insightful webinar, we are joined by Klarinet Solutions to explore highly secure ways of configuring Microsoft 365 so that it can be extended to support both unstructured and structured forms of external sharing.

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