What is the Benefit of Using Microsoft 365 for External Collaboration?


Are you looking for a solution to collaborate with business partners? If so, what is the benefit of using Microsoft 365 for external collaboration?

Effective collaboration makes all the difference to creating a successful business. Microsoft 365 plays an important role in facilitating internal collaboration. However, its powerful suite of tools is not designed to streamline external collaboration easily. The benefits of using Microsoft 365 can be enhanced for external collaboration when integrated with a tool like Extranet User Manager (EUM). This article explores the benefits of Microsoft 365 for internal collaboration and how, when integrated with EUM, Microsoft 365 facilitates external collaboration.

The Benefits of Using Microsoft 365 for External Collaboration

Microsoft 365 is a common platform for internal collaboration because of its ability to facilitate seamless, secure, and efficient collaboration with individuals inside your organization. With the addition of EUM and our suite of tools, you can easily onboard external users and collaborate externally. By leveraging EUM, internal and external users can access, edit, and collaborate on documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and files in real time.

Cloud Based Sharing

With a Microsoft 365 license, internal users can access files, documents, and resources anywhere with an internet connection. The cloud-based features of Microsoft 365 are enhanced further when used alongside EUM for external collaboration. Working on cloud-based files means that every collaborator is working with the most up-to-date information. EUM simplifies this experience by allowing you to easily onboard external users securely and remotely. We help fast-track your onboarding so that you can get down to business quickly.

Real-Time Collaboration and Easy Communication

The Microsoft 365 suite of collaboration tools eliminates the typical long email chains needed when collaborating with internal team members. You can collaborate on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations in real time all while communicating using Microsoft Teams. However, when it comes to collaborating with external partners, it can be complicated to provide secure access if you are not an IT expert. With EUM, you can easily onboard users into your Microsoft platform to allow for external collaboration.

And with EUM alongside your M365 license, you can enable multiple users to edit the same document simultaneously, allowing your users to work together efficiently. You can also use the M365 real-time chat or video conferencing options with external partners who might otherwise not have access to these secure tools.


The security of the Microsoft 365 platform for internal users is one of the many reasons people choose to use M365 as a workplace platform. However, the security features are not limited to internal users. With the integration of EUM with your Microsoft License, you can securely onboard and manage your external users within the secure M365 platform. With delegated permissions management, you can easily assign roles to external users, preventing data leaks to people outside your organization.

EUM also allows you to easily audit users’ activity. You can create reports, ensure your data remains protected, and plan for organizational improvements for efficiency.

Guest Access

When working with external collaborators, it can be frustrating to onboard external users to your Microsoft 365 license if you are not an IT expert. With EUM we make it simple. We allow you to invite groups of external users into your license whether or not they have an M365 license. There are no additional fees to invite users without their own M365 license to collaborate.

Our onboarding is easily shareable with internal collaborators so that you can delegate user management to another member of your team.

Using Azure AD B2B With Extranet User Manager

Azure Active Directory B2B is one of the tools within the Microsoft Suite that allows you to invite external partners to Office 365 SharePoint Online sites. Onboarding users into Azure can be challenging and overwhelming. We simplified this process with our User Manager tool.

User Manager helps you manage onboarding by providing options such as self-registration, profile management, and delegation of permissions management. User Manager sets up users in Azure AD and sends out the invitations, and Azure manages the login process. This login portal is customizable so that it flows seamlessly with your brand.

If you want to see how Extranet User Manager has helped other businesses leverage Azure AD B2B with User Manager, check out our solution for Associated Engineering.

Microsoft 365’s cloud-based sharing, collaboration and communication tools, security features, and guest access options make it the ideal choice for businesses and organizations seeking to work closely with external partners. With Extranet User Manager, you can unlock the full potential of Microsoft 365 collaboration and drive your business toward greater success.

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