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Both as developers of our Extranet User Manager product suite, and through our consulting services on the Envision IT side ( we have learned a lot about Azure AD B2B over the years. As we publish more content and deliver more events around this, we'll keep updating this page as the master reference for our thoughts, ideas, and guidance.

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Power BI Dashboard

Power BI Azure AD Users and Groups Dashboard

Jun 23, 2022

Power BI Azure AD Users and Groups Dashboard is an open-source common code base of intellectual property created by Envision IT. The Users and Groups Dashboard enables organizations to gain insight into what is happening with their groups and users that exist within Azure AD.

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How We Use Teams Shared Channels

Oct 3, 2022 Article

Shared Channels in Microsoft Teams allow you to invite people who are not in the Team into a channel in that Team. We primarily are using them to bring in external users, but you can also use them internally. It is much better than external users in a regular Team, because they see the Team in their own tenant; no need to switch tenants.

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Configuring Azure AD B2B for External Users

Jun 23, 2022 Article

Customizing your Azure B2B tenant for external collaboration can be a daunting task. We've put all the important links in one convenient location to simplify your configuration process.

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Azure B2B and Guest Management Best Practices

June 23, 2022 Webinar

Whether you are enabling Azure AD B2B to allow collaboration with users external to your organization, or it has been in place for some time, it is important to put your best foot forward when it comes to both guest management and security.

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Azure AD Company Branding Setup

Jun 22, 2022 Article

Setting up web branding can often be a tedious and long process, but Azure AD allows for easy customization of company logos, home pages, and sign-in screens.

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Configuring Identity Providers in Azure B2B

Jun 16, 2022 Article

Azure B2B's External Identities allows you to manage guest users in your tenant. By configuring identity providers such as Facebook, One-Time Passcode, or Google, you can ensure seamless and secure sharing with users outside your organization.

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Azure AD B2B vs B2C

Jun 15, 2022 Article

In this article, we've put together a comparison of the functionalities of Azure B2C and Azure B2B, as well as B2B integrated with Extranet User Manager (EUM) capabilities.

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Azure AD Conditional Access Policies Base Recommendations

Apr 11, 2022 Article

Azure AD Plan 1 is a minimum security standard we recommend to all our clients. Conditional access policies are a key feature of that, and this article gives some baseline policies to implement and Microsoft links for more details.

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Azure AD B2B Health

Apr 10, 2022 Article

Learn how to identify and fix common issues in your tenant when inviting guests in through Azure AD B2B.

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New Azure AD External Identities Features

July 27, 2021 Webinar

Azure AD is at the core of any Microsoft 365 collaboration. It is the enterprise identity service that authenticates both your directory internal users as well as guest users who collaborate within your tenant.