Los Angeles World Airports

Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) is the City of Los Angeles department that owns and operates a system of three airports: Los Angeles International (LAX), LA/Ontario International (ONT), and Van Nuys (VNY). Each airport plays an integral role in helping to meet the Southern California regional demand for passenger, cargo, and general aviation service. Each airport makes a distinct contribution to the strength of the system as it provides a high level of safety, security, and service for its customers, communities, and stakeholders.

"The Extranet User Manager provided a seamless integrated solution into LAWA's external SharePoint environment which alleviated the manual day-to-day management of external contractor accounts."

Corey Thokle,
Sales and Delivery

​LAWA’s challenge was to find a SharePoint extranet solution that allowed external users to use a landing page in SharePoint while maintaining a secure SharePoint environment. LAWA has a constant flow of external projects, each working with multiple external contractors. LAWA needed a solution that would provide governance over external projects while enabling a self-regulated environment. Prior to implementing Extranet User Manager (EUM), LAWA managed their projects through standard correspondence such as email, VPN, SEN, and SharePoint. LAWA felt that SharePoint out of the box did not offer them a place where external and internal projects could be integrated and managed as one. The idea was to create a “landing page” in SharePoint that would provide a secure connection between internal employees and external contractors. LAWA turned to Extranet User Manager (EUM) as a business solution to provide a seamless extranet application to integrate external and internal users on a single platform.

​LAWA’s SharePoint request to find an extranet solution focused on having one “landing page” that would provide an easy-to-use self-registration. LAWA’s implementation of EUM was based on tools that would offer control over external users, such as a “log-in application.” The log-in application allowed staff to move away from manual data entry and enabled external contractors to directly register themselves within the secure extranet portal. EUM’s features provided single sign-on with password reset that reduced the level of mitigation on LAWA’s behalf. The customized approval delegation with self-registration provided LAWA with governance and compliance over their external contractors. EUM’s single platform continues to facilitate compliance and authority among LAWA’s numerous external contractors and projects.