European Collaboration Summit 2024

Wiesbaden, Germany
Event Website

EUM President and 13-time Apps & Services President, Peter Carson, will be a featured speaker at the upcoming European Collaboration Summit in Wiesbaden, Germany. His presentation, "Building a Rich People Search in Microsoft 365", addresses the crucial need for effective people search strategies in today’s organizations.

Peter's talk is pivotal for businesses struggling with fragmented people data across various platforms. He'll explore the challenges and solutions for creating a unified, effective people search system in Microsoft 365, essential for competitiveness and efficiency.

Session Highlights:

  • The Fragmentation Challenge: Understanding the implications of scattered people data and the need for a single, reliable source.
  • Entra ID Insights: Examining Entra ID's (formerly Azure AD) role and its optimization in Microsoft 365.
  • Advancements in People Search: Discover the latest improvements and ongoing developments in Microsoft 365’s people search features.
  • Actionable Strategies: Learn how to validate and integrate Entra ID with HR systems, and the importance of a fully populated Entra ID for organizational efficiency.
  • Innovative Technologies: Insights into implementing open-source search tools, personalized profile pages, and leveraging Azure AI technologies for enhanced people discovery.

This session is ideal for professionals in business, HR, and IT looking to enhance internal knowledge sharing and expertise discovery.

If you're attending the European Collaboration Summit, don't miss out on this transformative discussion on optimizing people search capabilities in Microsoft 365!

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