SharePoint Saturday Ottawa December 2012

SharePoint Saturday Ottawa

Envision IT is excited to announce that that our President, Peter Carson, will be speaking at SharePoint Saturday Ottawa on December 1, 2012.

SharePoint Saturday Ottawa is an educational, informative & lively day filled with sessions from respected SharePoint professionals & MVPs, covering a wide variety of topics focused on Microsoft SharePoint technologies. SharePoint Saturday Ottawa is FREE, open to the public and is your local chance to immerse yourself in SharePoint! Join SharePoint architects, developers, and other professionals that work with Microsoft SharePoint Server for ‘SharePoint Saturday’ event.  With the recent release of SharePoint 2013’s Preview, SharePoint Saturday Ottawa is your chance to learn about both SharePoint 2010 and the upcoming release of SharePoint 2013.

Session: Extranets in SharePoint 2010 and 2013

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Microsoft SharePoint delivers a secure platform that allows a tailored approach towards achieving business goals with an Extranet. A SharePoint Extranet can support the following objectives:

  • Build an online community
  • Allow interaction between organization and customers, partners, vendors, and volunteers
  • Reduce supply chain inefficiencies
  • Offer customer self-service strategies
  • Share business resources with partners

There are some exciting licensing changes in SharePoint 2013 that really changes the game for both Extranets and public web sites.  For on-premises installations, Microsoft is eliminating the For Internet Sites license requirement, bringing the licensing costs down significantly.  Likewise in the cloud, Microsoft now provides up to 10,000 external user accounts for Extranets in Office 365, with no additional subscription fees.

Envision IT's Extranet User Manager extends SharePoint 2010 and 2013 to support delegated user management, self-service, and a rich login and account management user experience.

In this session, we will cover off the following topics:

  • Extranet scenarios on premise and in the cloud with both Office 365 and Windows Azure
  • Licensing implications
  • User management and authentication
  • Case studies

The examples we will be showcasing are:

  • As an Internet web site members-only area developed for non-profit organizations (
  • As a series of health care portals (
  • As a platform for retail web sites to enable tenants to post promotions and job offerings (
  • As a Volunteer Information Portal for charitable events (Heart and Stroke Foundation)

Session: Rich Media Support in SharePoint 2013

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SharePoint is a powerful web content management platform that gets even better with the 2013 release. Both image and video support has been significantly expanded.  The key features that we will be going over are:

Image renditions:

  • Site owners can define standard sizes (renditions) for images that apply across the site
  • As content authors load and use images, SharePoint automatically creates these different renditions to optimize the site visitor's experience
  • Content authors can resize and crop images right in the browser, without the need for Photoshop or image management software


  • Video is becoming more and more important for both internal and external sites
  • 2013 has a new video content type that is actually a document set
  • Drag and drop a video into SharePoint, and the video and thumbnail (automatically extracted from the first frame) are put in the document set
  • Content authors can play the video in the browser, and select a different frame for the thumbnail, or upload their own
  • Additional video formats (renditions) can be loaded into the document set for playing back on different devices
  • Windows Azure Media Services further extends this by providing cloud-based transcoding (converting to different formats) and massively scaled streaming support (think London Olympics), as well as Smooth Streaming and HTTP Live Streaming (HLS, for Apple iOS adaptive streaming) support

At Envision IT we have a suite of products that build on these new capabilities for both content authors and site visitors. During this session we will explore these new features of SharePoint 2013, and how we are leveraging those in the new 2013 versions of our products.

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