Teams First Information Architecture and Governance


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Once upon a time, in the not-so-distant past, a world of collaboration was ruled by a mighty platform known as SharePoint. It was the cornerstone of organizational structure, a digital fortress where documents and knowledge were guarded and organized. However, as the digital age accelerated, a new player, Microsoft Teams, emerged from the shadows, and began reshaping the landscape of collaboration and information architecture (IA).

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Our upcoming webinar offers a thrilling expedition into this new era, focusing on the evolving dynamics of Teams First IA and Governance, and aligning with Microsoft's vision for the modern workplace. Featuring Peter, Extranet User Manager's President and a 13-time Office Apps & Services MVP, this session promises insights gleaned from his extensive expertise, showcased at global tech conferences. His profound knowledge and practical experience in Teams First IA and Governance are essential for those seeking the forefront of innovation in this field.

In the realm of Microsoft 365 implementation, the role of SharePoint remains pivotal, yet the journey now begins with Teams. This shift signifies a fundamental change, where the SharePoint structure is intricately linked to and flows from Teams. It's a strategy that goes beyond mere planning, underscoring the importance of recognizing Teams as more than just a platform for meetings and chats. Join us as we delve into this transformative approach, navigating the synergies between Teams and SharePoint in the ever-evolving digital workspace.

Topics we'll cover in this session include:

  • Introducing a maturity model for how organizations leverage Teams, SharePoint, Email, and OneDrive
    • Level setting on how they work together
  • Understanding the differences between Standard, Private, and Shared Channels in Teams
  • Where do standalone Communication and Team Sites fit into the Teams and SharePoint structure?
  • Guests versus B2B Direct Connect in Teams, and external sharing in SharePoint
  • Answering the question - what does a Team and a Channel represent in my organization?
  • Tools for planning your IA
  • Commercial and open-source solutions for implementing your IA
  • Microsoft Purview for document retention and information protection

Embark on this journey with us to redefine how your organization collaborates and governs its digital workspace. Whether you're actively migrating to a new IA or simply curious about how to better leverage your Microsoft 365 investment, this webinar offers valuable insights for all.

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