User Manager Mini-Webinar: Direct Invite Users into your LMS365

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The team at Extranet User Manager is excited to showcase product features in a mini-webinar series. We will demonstrate key features of the Extranet User Manager platform over a series of pre-recorded webinars. In our first webinar, we will demonstrate how you can use EUM Admin to easily onboard external users through a direct invitation to your training plans or courses in LMS365.

Direct Invite registration is a common use case for organizations that know precisely who will need access to their training plans. Common other use cases for direct invitation can include:

  • Customers requiring product training
  • Volunteers requiring on-boarding and training for their role(s)
  • Subcontractors requiring job training
  • Individuals at a partner organization that require product or service training

In this webinar we will demonstrate:

  • EUM Admin delegating management of a Training Plan Group to a Membership Manager
  • Membership Manager adding a guest user to the Training Plan Group
  • Guest user account is created in the underlying Azure AD and added to the appropriate groups
  • Guest user receives custom welcome email and logs in using their own credentials
  • User is able to see what groups they have access to on the EUM Portal Members page including the Training Plan as well as the ability to self register for other courses

Interested in trying out EUM? Self-register for a group in our EUM Demo Portal.

Stay tuned for our next mini-webinar, which will demonstrate how organizations can enable public registrations for a training plan or course, by using a custom-branded registration portal.

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