Webinar Series: How To Be Successful Working Remotely

Working remotely graphic with Office 365 and Teams

"Like virtually everyone around the world now, coronavirus has introduced me to new terms like social distancing and self-quarantine. For organizations that can, working from home full time is the new normal, and this is going to be lasting much more than a few weeks. As a knowledge economy organization, we've been using tools like Microsoft Teams and Office 365 to work virtually for some time, and we'd like to share those learnings. Having encouraged staff at our Greater Toronto Area office to work from home exclusively for just the last week, we’re still learning too." — Peter Carson, President of Extranet User Manager and Envision IT

To help organizations adapt, we are running a short lunchtime webinar series on the following topics;

Leveraging Teams and Office 365

Monday, March 23

12 - 12:30 PM EST

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This first session introduces Teams and Office 365, and gives you some quick tips you can start using right away.

  • What are Teams, channels, instant messages, and persistent chats
  • Why is Teams so much more powerful and inclusive than email
  • How can I use live video, screen sharing, recordings, and live-streaming to communicate with a few people to thousands
  • I don't have a laptop and webcams are out of stock everywhere. How can I leverage my smartphone and desktop together
  • Experience the full Modern Workplace, sharing files (SharePoint), notebooks (OneNote), session recordings (Stream), task boards (Planner), dashboards (Power BI), and more

Securing Office 365 and Teams

Tuesday, March 24

12 - 12:30 PM EST

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Okay, you've got your remote workforce enabled with Office 365. That's great, but what controls do you have to ensure your organization's data is protected? The hackers have the time to spend, and with confusion comes opportunity, and not always the good kind. Here we'll cover:

  • Password security. Recommendations have changed on what they should look like, and password managers are a key tool you should consider
  • Office 365 plans, Enterprise Mobility + Security, Microsoft 365, plus all the add-on plans for security. It is all so confusing, but we'll give you the high level understanding
  • Office 365 Security Best Practices from Microsoft
  • Number 1 on the list is multi-factor authentication. What is it, why is it number 1, did you know it is included in ALL Office 365 plans, and what are your options for setting it up
  • Ransomware, phishing attacks, malware, identity protection, and how you can protect your organization

Extending Office 365 and Teams to Your Partners

Wednesday, March 25

12 - 12:30 PM EST

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Maybe day three is too aggressive to say you have a handle on how to work collaboratively and securely within your remote organization. However, we're going to keep going, and talk about how you can now extend that beyond your organization.

  • Email attachments have never been a good way to collaborate on documents
  • Invite your partners into a single document, a folder, or a full modern workplace
  • Balance the need for controls and governance with the ability for people to work organically
  • Scale your Extranet and make your partners part of your business processes

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