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Whether you provide products or services to your customers, members, or partners, there is likely some form of training and knowledge transfer that takes place when delivering your solutions. For many, training as a service is best delivered in person, however, COVID-19 posed a challenge to this approach and forced organizations to become creative in their approaches.

The main concern with switching to virtual learning is that there is a loss of engagement between the trainer and trainees. We see a great opportunity to alleviate that concern by building out a Learning Management System in SharePoint Online that leverages the best of Microsoft 365 including PowerPoint, Word, and Microsoft Stream. This, coupled with the ability to track the learner's progress in Power BI to improve the learner experience, will ensure the courses you offer are well received by your learners.

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When learners are external to your organization, it is important they receive a seamless on-boarding experience into the Learning Management System. We are excited to be joined by Aston Reyes of LMS365 to discuss how we've tightly integrated their LMS solution into our Extranet Platform providing a seamless on-boarding experience and instant access to course catalogues, training plans, and courses.

In this webinar we will review:

  • Why Microsoft 365 is the ideal Learning Management System
  • The value of virtual training in a COVID-19 world
  • Brief overview of Extranet User Manager (EUM) and LMS365
  • Building a branded portal for training external users in EUM
  • Self-registration and auto-enrollment in an LMS365 course catalogue or training plan
  • E-commerce support with Stripe integration
  • How LMS365 extends what is available out-of-the-box in Microsoft 365
    • Self-paced training, quizzes, and forms
    • Course administration and setup for staff and external learners
  • On-boarding users into the Learning Management System
    • Direct invite versus self-registration
    • Defining a group/course structure
    • Setting up course administrators

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