Local Government

Extranet User Manager works extensively with Local Government and the Public Sector. Our solution has been implemented in a variety of scenarios within cities, towns, local municipalities, counties and boroughs, giving us depth of knowledge when it comes to the specific requirements and constraints of government agencies.

Some of the common concerns that Extranet User Manager helps address include:

  • The need to collaborate with suppliers, vendors and organizations that work closely with local government
  • Stringent security around allowing external users to gain access to government resources
  • Field workers who need to keep in touch, but don’t regularly access an internal network
  • Committee and Board members who need to access multiple private sites and areas, and would prefer a single sign-on solution
  • Enabling citizens and partners to easily register for government services without having to closely administer user accounts

Take a look at the in-depth case studies below and find out how Extranet User Manger is helping create better experiences within the public sector.


Industry Case Studies

Barnsley Council Logo  

Barnsley Council

Deltascheme, a UK-based Microsoft Partner, installed and configured Extranet User Manager into the Barnsley Council environment. Over 400 school staff in the region now connect to secure areas of the Barnsley intranet and are able to access vital HR policies and procedures documentation.

Read more about the Barnsley Council case study.

Buncombe County Logo  

Buncombe County

Extranet User Manager was implemented at Buncombe County to manage access to the County’s secure external sites. The solution has been hugely successful in increased productivity for Site Administrators who now spend very little time managing over 800 active users.

Read more about the Buncombe County case study.

G2G Market Place Logo  

G2G Market Place

The G2G Marketplace was developed by Oakland County, Michigan to offer solutions from government partners and approved vendors to government agencies through an online store experience. Extranet User Manager was implemented as a cost-effective, standalone business solution that supports authentication, self-registration and delegated administration.

Read more about the G2G Market Place case study.

Other local government companies we've had the privilege to work with:

City of Barrie City of Charlotte Municipality of Chatham-Kent State of Colorado Islington Council Montgomery Council Oakland County Redland City Council County of Simcoe City of Vaughan City of Windsor