Making Microsoft Simple

Extranet User Manager makes Microsoft simple. An exceptional user experience lets businesses connect and collaborate with external stakeholders and maintain Microsoft security. IT is involved at the beginning, ensuring a seamless integration, while the business can focus on what really matters - getting the job done.

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Make Microsoft Simple to Manage Permissions, Increase ROI, Improve Cyber Security

July 6, 2023 Webinar

Extranet User Manager's solutions focus on simplifying Microsoft 365 document sharing, collaboration, reporting, forms, workflows, and communities between business and external users. We do this in a way that IT is comfortable that all the great security benefits are still in place while allowing the business to get their work done independently.

Peter Carson and Dan Holme speaking at Microsoft 365 conference

In Conversation: Peter Carson and Dan Holme, Product Leader at Microsoft

June 20, 2023 Video

During the Microsoft 365 Conference our President, Peter Carson, spoke with Dan Holme, Product Leader at Microsoft for Viva Engage. Watch the short clip from their conversation.

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We Make Microsoft Simple

June 20, 2023 Article

Microsoft 365 is many things. It’s one of the fastest growing productivity solutions in the world, with over 300 million commercial monthly active users. It’s a driver of value, with businesses using it experiencing a 466% return on investment over a three-year period. It’s familiar to millions of business professionals who use Excel, Word and increasingly Teams to complete their daily tasks. One thing it’s not, however, is simple.