Advanced Platform Security and Threat Protection

To help secure the EUM cloud platform and safeguard our Customers' data from intrusions and cyberattacks our Security Operations Team makes extensive use of the latest Microsoft 365 and Azure security technologies & services, including: 

  • Azure Security Center Standard tier provides infrastructure vulnerability scanning, threat & anomaly detection, and intelligence for the network and Azure PaaS services used in the EUM architecture. The Security Center Recommendations are monitored frequently, and action is taken immediately if vulnerabilities are found.
  • Azure Key Vault a cloud service for securely storing and accessing secrets, tokens, certificate storage, and management.
  • Managed Identities credentials are fully managed, rotated, and protected by the Microsoft platform.
  • Service Principles with client certificate are utilized where required.
  • Application Insights logging is enabled in the EUM Applications and can be used to assist in security investigation.

All staff operating and supporting the EUM Platform are working on Compliant Windows 10/11 devices managed using Microsoft Endpoint Manager (Microsoft Intune) protected with CrowdStrike and Microsoft Defender for Office 365 (Plan 1)