Data Center Locations and Physical Security

EUM is built entirely using Azure Platform-as-a-Service components all operated securely in the Microsoft Azure cloud fully managed by EUM. Maintenance and updates are included in your subscription to EUM. 

Currently, EUM is available in three regional Azure data centres with zone redundant enabled. 

Note: Currently Central US is at capacity and unable to migrate to a zone redundancy offering.  Microsoft's expected date for resolution is Q1 of 2024. 

Each customer can select which Azure Data Centre they would like to use for data location upon the first installation. The options are: 

EUM Geography Microsoft Azure Data Centre
Americas Central US
Canada Canada Central
Europe West Europe (Netherlands)

Azure Facilities, Premises, and Physical Security

EUM does not have any in-house data centres, physical networks, and/or servers connected to the EUM platform. Microsoft manages the physical and environmental security of our Azure-based data centres and the Azure physical security is described in Physical security of Azure datacenters - Microsoft Azure | Microsoft Learn

Our internal security program covers security on our corporate devices.